About Us

Astroshoom is a product of one passion focused on magic mushrooms.

After experiencing the healing and positive effects that psilocybin had on the human mind, we knew we had to be involved to further support the industry.

No more meeting up with a sketchy guy to purchase mushrooms that can be potentially hazardous, moldy or unidentifiable. We wanted everyone in Canada to have fair access to some of the best mushrooms, at affordable prices and with the comfort of knowing they are safe for consumption.

One thing led to another and now we are here, positioning ourselves to have Canada's premium brand.


We grew as a team that now has cultivators, growers, psychonauts, scientists, mycologist and psychologist that all lend a hand in helping us get the best product out.

We are headquartered in British Columbia where the temperate climate and landscape allows us to operate year round.


We are quickly rolling out products with the goal of eventually offering a full assortment of everything possible with magic mushrooms. Our goal is to ensure our products are affordable to all Canadian over the age of 19+. Check out our product assortment.