Magic Mushrooms in Canada

As the landscape in Canada evolves, we look to establish our roots firmly within the building blocks of the magic mushroom community and provide value on every front available.

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Magic mushrooms are a distinct class of mushrooms that grow on the earth’s surface. This special group of mushrooms has an amazing history. The chemical composition of these mushrooms induces marked psychedelic effects in the body of users. There are different stores making it available for users who want to buy shrooms in Canada. The major active chemicals present in the magic mushrooms are psilocybin and psilocin. It’s a mystery how it works to help deal with depression, anxiety, and the magic mushroom even gives inspiration and healing.


The discovery of the magic mushrooms was traced to the 1950s in North America. Traditionally, shrooms have been in use by thousands of people around the world even before the world knew about the psychedelic function of this special mushroom. It was widely used by creatives desiring inspiration. The use of mushroom was first traced to a cave painting in Australia and also a Spanish rock painting. Both records were traced to the use of shrooms as a source of inspiration by their ancestors. However, Central and North America use the magical mushroom for religious and spiritual purposes. The use of shrooms induces trance and gives clarity to the mind of men. In 1500 B.C, the Mayan and Aztec clan agreed that shrooms are of great significance in their way of life. It is believed that the use of shrooms aided the ancient artists in drawing inspiration for their rock drawings. The emergence of Spanish rule over some parts of the world made the use of shrooms unlawful. People found it difficult to withdraw from it since it had been their way of life. The Catholic Church also abolished its use tagging it as demonic. If you want to buy shrooms in Canada, try Canada mushrooms.


It gained renown when a group of botanists discovered that some people still find pleasure in using psilocybin. Hence, modern medicine proved that the active content in the mushroom exerts a drastic effect on the nervous system and causes depression. After they discovered it, people (majorly researchers) saw its peculiar trait, they all decided to go deeper and source for information. Some traveled as far as Central America to study the uses and effects of shrooms. Conclusively, it’s an arguable fact that shrooms have their significance which was useful to men in the past. The emergence of the Spanish and Catholic Church change the narrative of shrooms. Also, people’s curiosity had placed the spotlight on magic mushrooms in recent times. Thus there is a growing demand for magic mushrooms in some parts of the world. You will have access to different categories of shroom products such as shroom capsules (microdose), shroom edibles, shroom tea, etc. These make the use of shrooms enjoyable and kickstart a wonderful trip.