Took too much?

Don't worry, we've all been there!

Let's do the following to pull it all together.


Relax, somethings might seem really bad right now, let's deal with them when we are sober.

First if someone you are comfortable is near you, ask them to come be with you, you don't need them to react or do anything, just sit beside you as you are going through it.

If there's no one nearby that's ok, just follow the next steps.

Let's grab some candy, anything with sugar.

Let's take that candy one at a time on our tongue and let the flavor slowly melt onto our tongue.

Mmmm, what an explosion, whoever made this flavor is a genius.

Now let's find some nice music and immerse ourselves in it.

Enjoy those jams.

Looking for something to listen to? Check out our Orgasmic Corner.

Just remember, the effects only last 2 - 3 hours at peak after that everything will be back to normal.

I feel, defeated

Alright you've descended to uncharted territory.

Not feeling so on top of the world?

You might be experiencing Ego Death.

It's scary at first, but don't worry, almost everyone considers this one of their single most profound positive moments, after the experience.

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Hope we helped!

Sugar in candy reportedly helps sober you up.

Not everything is always amazing, that's the beauty of life, it comes with a lot of dimensions, it's not simply just one thing.

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If we didn't that sucks but know we care, that's why we tried.